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The WaterWizards Swim Marathon Finale

Takoma Aquatic Center March 24th, 2018

Marathon participants are seniors who are members of the Water Wizards* and who will swim as many laps as they can within a two hour period.  By the end of the event, an official will provide documentation that accurately accounts for the number of laps each swimmer swam.  The swim can be done prior to March 24 in any pool as long as the number of laps are counted and signed off by an official, such as a lifeguard.

 Support a senior swimmer by pledging $1.00 per lap.  If you pledge $1.00 per lap and the swimmer completes 10 laps, your total donation will be $10.00.  A mile is 36 laps. Contact Water Wizards member, Dinah Griggsby @ 202.340.1350, for pledges or for additional information. Funds collected will be used to further the outreach efforts of the Water Wizards* and support its members at local and national competitive swim events.

SwimMarathon Pledge Sheet


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