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Replacing what we've learned and practiced with a 'Different Way' is HARD!


Everyone Failed To Ride This Bicycle. The Reason Behind Is Mind-Boggling

Riding a bicycle is a life skill we learn as kids that sticks with us for a lifetime. Once you learn it, you never forget it. But what if there was a special kind of bike that will make everything you learned useless?

You may think that I am saying nonsense, but there is actually a bike that nobody can ride unless they unlearn riding a bike. Watch the video and you’ll understand.

"The Matrix" Is Watching

How Observant Are You?

Above, is a thirty second-long opening segment from "The Matrix". How many of you notice something familiar about what Trinity does in this scene? Hint: It relates to something you're asked to do every day in swim practice.

Alright. For those of you who haven't been able to figure it out, Most people have to slow-motion the action in order to catch it.

Some times a coach will get it right away..

What does Trinity do?  Send your responses to:

On July 22nd, we'll publish a list of all those who got the right answer.

"The internet. Though it is a great and truly marvelous invention, it is an invention. it is not perfect. Take everything you see, hear or read as worth a grain of salt. Carefully examine the referrance and note the circumstances  under which that informational knowledge might, or might not be valid. Use it. Above all, realize. T H E R E   A R E   N O   A B S O L U T E S."

d. h. charles

This may mean


Most people (and that group includes some of the world's greatest coaches) utilize them simply because these items have been, customarily associated with pools, swimming and training - do not realize just how much these tools alter the body balance, alignment and rotation. They are merety tools; therefore should be used, properly, ONLY WITH THE MOST DEFINITE INTENT, only in sets designed specifically with their purposeful use in mind -- The same applies to use of fins and paddles.

Many of the senior/master athletes who have come to us with neck and back problems no longer have to visit therapists for those problems. Learning to balance and align their bodies (sometimes with the help of a snorkel) has eliminated the pain and deterioration.

Many of he shoulder and elbow problems (eg. "tennis elbow") resulting from improper use of paddles, gloves, etc. are sometimes eliminated by replacing sloppy stroke with proper stroke technique.



Streamline Like Mike


Alignment, Balance, core rotation


Technique, Technique, Technique

Doing It Right.

Whether easy or hard, if it's worth Doing, It's worth doing the right way. In the Technique Section, here, we've taken a lot of the hard work off your hands by researching relevant and interesting articles and videos on the subjects.


the earth turns on it

Imagine yourself standing upright on a pool deck. "Now don't slouch!" a phrase you are probably familiar with from childhood. Good posture is as important in swimming as it is in the rest of life. In your upright position imagine a line drawn from the crown of the head and down between the heels. Extend that line down into the deck and up into the sky (ceiling). Now your body can rotate around that line. or axis in either direction. And when swimming crawl stroke and back crawl in a prone/supine position in the pool your body can likewise rotate - like a soda straw on a flat table. However any deviation from that ramrod aligned posture, such as raising or lowering the head arms, legs; or tucking the chin into the armpit (bending the soda straw. Do that and it will no longer roll smoothly across the table) can produce a tremendous amount of drag (where the water pulls backward on some part of the body. It also compacts joints inhibits limbs from performing efficiently through their range of motion thereby decreasing power and speed. And very importantly, this is often one of the reasons musculo-skeletal problems (aches and pains) develop in sports activities  .