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On a fixed income? Wallet hurting?  Not To Worry. Just Register with the WaterWizards; We'll teach You. . .  For Free!!

As a registered WaterWizard team member you will enjoy the Seniors "Learn To Swim Lessons" offered by the WaterWizards during specified practice sessions  (William H. Rumsey, Sr. Aquatic Center (635 N. Carolina Ave., SE)  |  Tuesday & Thursday - 9 am to 11:30 am). You learn alongside skilled WaterWizard (teammate) athletes, under supervision of trained WaterWizard coaches. Progress through Seniors levels I - V (and beyond)  - at your own pace.

We also offer non-swimming aquatic activities.

611 Pennsylvania Avenue  SE, #123, Washington, DC 20003


DC's Senior Aquatics & Swim Team