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DC's Senior Aquatics & Swim Team

The “WaterWizards” and our entire DC Seniors Competitive Aquatics program is part of a unique experiment in inter-generational programming. . . Teaching and learning from each other, the key, mutual respect, is the driving force for the DC vehicle as Grandparents and Great Grands retain solid functionality and purpose in life.

The old-heads bask in the fountain of youth and exuberance of the tykes, who in turn, are enlightened by the truth of life-long vitality and the wisdom of age.

After experiencing the joys of participating in our competitive aquatics’ Swim Camp at East Potomac Pool, in the water and learning to swim right alongside their “WaterWizard” grandfather, 74 year-old Hudie Flemming’s grand children Summer age 9,  and Drew 7 (visiting from Mississippi) insisted on joining a competitive swim team, themselves when they returned home from vacation. Their mom, Hudie’s daughter, not to be left out of the familial epiphany, joined the local USS Masters team. . . Talk about your family determination.

Family Bonds

Inter-Generational Togetherness

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