The Water Wizard's is DC's resident aquatics program using DC Public pools and staff to provide pool-based fitness opportunities for seniors of all levels -- from water-aerobics, to learn-to-swim, to swimming as exercise, to competitors at the highest levels; including a team of men and women who compete at the national level for the City. The Water Wizards carries out a vibrant development plan geared to support and enhance productive aquatic and educational programs to build a healthy community across all age levels. The Water Wizards' advocacy role supports aquatics programs throughout the City for all age levels, and emphasizes the proper maintenance and full utilization of the public's pools.

611 Pennsylvania Avenue  SE, #123, Washington, DC 20003


DC's Senior Aquatics & Swim Team


Pool Of Thought

The Newly Discovered Health Benefits of Just Getting Into The Water.

. . .  You get all this, and you don't even have to get your hair wet, duh??

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Ph. (202) 724-4495: (202) 576-6436

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“We started out as just a swim team.

“The water was merely ‘a medium’ a fun way for us to rally together as the core group in a common interest - not just as a swim team either, but as TEAMS - of family, a network of extended family members bonded together to help grandma and grandpa, brother and sister, mom and dad, son and daughter, grandson and granddaughter, greats and great-greats. . . friends, neighbors - to support existing services, support organizations (be it schools, community centers, shelters or whatever) within our community; and, if necessary, by creating service opportunities of our own wherever we saw the lack. “And all it would take, really is a little nudge here or there in the fabric of society. By us committing to doing the right thing at the right time in some really, really tiny way. That doing would make us all a healthier and happier society.

If we continue to work together as that team it could begin with us. . . With us, you don’t even have to get in the water, much less swim to be a WaterWizard. Your comaraderie and hope are enough.”

Coach Rodger McCoy

"The Great Challenge"


Approved February 18, 2014

The District of Columbia's Water Wizards is a community-based initiative to stimulate and preserve vigorous aquatics programs for seniors from beginners to competitors.


Reading Partners is a national education nonprofit that works with Title I elementary shcools to support students who are reading 6 months to 2 1/2 years below grade level. Currently only 13% of DC public school 4th graders from low income families read on level.

What can be done? Reading Partners works but they need volunteers to give 1 hour per week. There are 15 participating schools in DC serving 725 students. Choose 1! Meet your student! Smile and begin. Each week a highly effective curriculum, personalized for your student, will be given to you to follow. It is as easy as abc!         202-701-9110