DC's Senior Aquatics & Swim Team

Thanks to the swimmers and parents who worked the 34th Annual DC Senior Games!

DC Wave Swimmers:

Absalom Bolling, Sydney Cordero, Mile Bocock, Micah Clark, Makenna Clark, Parker Robinson, Pauline Green-Willimas, Ricaiah Green, James Hunt, Kayla McLean, Jasmine Barry, December Touhey, Wrayzene Willoughby, Ellen Selassie, Clair Lusk, Anna Fisher Lopez, Raylen Jackson, Kai Shanklin, Kameron Henson, Theo Mott, Aiden Kiley, and TPDC Swimmers- Kerri and Kristin Greene

DC Wave Parent Volunteers and Officials:

Michael McLean, Melina Bolling, Pam Monk Green, Kisha Clark, Erika Livingston, Lucinda Woodland, Winslow Woodland, Aritha Willoughby, Lyn Hopkinson, Mr. Selassie, Maria Chamorro-Beckenhauer, and TPDC Parents-Jonalyn and Kristian Greene

The ages of the DC Senior Game participants ranged from early 50s to 90 years of age. Everyone was appreciative of your support and thankful that the DC Wave volunteers spent the weekend helping out. Without you it would not have been the great success!

611 Pennsylvania Avenue  SE, #123, Washington, DC 20003

Ph. (202) 724-4495: (202) 576-6436

DC Senior Games 2017 Poster