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"The internet. Though it is a great and truly marvelous invention, it is an invention. it is not perfect. Take everything you see, hear or read as worth a grain of salt. Carefully examine the referrance and note the circumstances  under which that informational knowledge might, or might not be valid. Use it. Above all, realize. T H E R E   A R E   N O   A B S O L U T E S."

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On a fixed income? Wallet hurting. . ?  Not To Worry.

Just Register with the WaterWizards; We'll teach You. . .  Free!!

As a registered WaterWizard team member you will enjoy the Seniors "Learn To Swim Lessons" offered by the WaterWizards during specified practice sessions  (William H. Rumsey, Sr. Aquatic Center (635 N. Carolina Ave., SE)  |  Tuesday & Thursday - 9 am to 11:30 am). You learn alongside skilled WaterWizard (teammate) athletes, under supervision of trained WaterWizard coaches. Progress through Seniors levels I - V (and beyond)  - at your own pace. Can you pick out from the photo above which team members couldn't swim before they joined?

WaterWizards also offer non-swimming aquatic activities.

As a service to our community we are constantly searching out information and articles we feel might be of service to you, from swimming, to health and fitness, to learning tools and amusements. Please visit us occasionally to see if there is anything new that we may have come across..

You'll find information like the article linked below on most of our pages. Be sure and check out "Finding The Right Balance"..


Registration will entitle you to free participation in our yoga & weight training programs, and more!
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WaterWizards  Registration Form.   Please , carefully fill out the form,  print, sign your name, date it and return at practice or to a CSR at one of the "WaterWizards" designated training facilities.  WE KNOW HOW MUCH OF A NUISANCE IT IS TO DO THIS EVERY YEAR; BUT BEAR IN MIND, IT WAS BECAUSE WE POSSESSED ADEQUATE DOCUMENTATION (this form, for one) THAT WE WERE ABLE TO SUBMIT THE INFORMATION REQUIRED BY the National Senior Games Association.

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""WaterWizard Of The Future"


DC's Senior Aquatics & Swim Team

A Few Of The (Lame) Excuses Why People Don't Join Us.

1. I don't know how To swim.

2.  I'm just too old to learn.
3.  I'm afraid of the water.
4.  I don't have the time.
5. At my age I have to take it easy.

6. I'm not competitive. I don't want to compete.

(The Wisdom That Comes With Age by clicking the link below).

The Newly Discovered Health Benefits of Just Getting Into The Water.
. . .  You get all this, and you don't even have to get your hair wet, duh??

Swimming Officials Training Pages!

Stroke & Turn Judge Training Videos

Starter Training videos

Find here links to freely download the rulebooks.

Also find links to Fina, USA Swimming and US Masters Rule Interpretations.

These pages would be very helpful to athletes wishing to avoid committing rule infractions.

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A Seniors Friendly Place.

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